What’s Hot: Fall Tech Favorites

By: Jenna Kinzie | IG:
@jenna.runs | Twitter: @jennaruns

There are so many gadgets, clothing brands, supplements, and running “essentials” out there. How do you know what’s worth while?


I’ve tried out some of the newest and hottest gear and have compiled my top 8 items that are sure to make your running experience even better.

1.Aftershokz Trekz Titanium

These are by far the most run-changing piece of running gear I’ve come across. These wireless headphones are unique – they use bone conduction to produce sound, so they don’t go in your ear – this is so you can still hear ambient sounds. Safety comes first with these headphones without sacrificing sound quality. Hear your jams and podcasts loud and clear while still being able to hear and be aware of a car driving by or a cyclist yelling “LEFT!” They are also durable – dust and water resistant, and hold an amazing charge. I run 6 days a week and change them maybe once a week. They can also be worn under a helmet, for those of us who like to get out on our bikes for some cross-training.

$129.95, https://aftershokz.com/

2. Oofos

As runners, we all know that recovery is a part of training. I think the most important thing is to take care of your feet – they do a lot for us runners, after all. I absolutely love these Oofos slides for after runs, particularly long runs when I just want those sweaty shoes off and something comfy to wear to the taco joint. These are beyond comfortable – absorbing shock and cradling your feet as you walk. They also get major bonus points for being machine washable. AND the material does not degrade over time. These babies will last you forever. Literally. Plus, $10 per pair from their Project Pink line goes towards Breast Cancer research.

$59.95, https://www.oofos.com/


I wanted to mention this one because it’s a unique running fuel. Not many people think to use it but it’s cheap and it’s easy. Gels may work great for some, but don’t sit well for others. I’ve found that my tummy prefers real food. Applesauce has worked well as fuel for me on long runs. It has your calories, carbs, and sugar, and is easy to digest. Plus, they come in convenient little pouches and are cost-effective. I get the “store brand” at $2.50/4-pack, and they even have different flavors. Tip: put them in the freezer during warmer months for a cool mid-run treat!

$0.99 each, http://shop.gogosqueez.com


4.Oiselle Softshell Mittens

If you have notoriously cold hands, you know that MITTENS are the way to go. Unlike gloves, mittens allow your fingers to huddle for warmth! You are guaranteed to catch me in mittens at any temperature below 55. Tank, shorts, mittens – I will rock it because it’s comfortable. These mittens in particular are great because they’re warm without being bulky, are wind and water resistant, have grip for holding gadgets, and have touchscreen-friendly thumbs. I’m not quite sure what else you could possibly want in a mitten!

$36, http://www.oiselle.com


5. MilestonePod

The MilestonePod is another item that many of you may not have heard of – and it’s brilliant! This little gadget connects to your running shoe and gives you all sorts of statistics about your running – cadence, rate of impact, leg swing, and more. The pod helps you not only improve and work on your running form, but track the miles on your shoes, and even figure out which running shoe is best for you! The pod is easy to use – just clip it on and you’re good to go. It will track automatically. No “on” or “off” switch. Just sync via the convenient MilestonePod app and see stats, graphs, and your total “Run-ficiency” score all in once place. Plus, it’s the most affordable of it’s kind on the market at 25 bucks!



6. Goodr Running Sunglasses

Running sunglasses tend to be expensive AND ugly (what a terrible combo?! – sorry, running sunglasses!). Goodr sunglasses are just the opposite. They’re stylish and colorful, and affordable at $25. If you’re like me and know you’ll lose them or break them, the price is right. They are not only made in cool and creative colors, but they’re polarized, help keep sweat out of your eyes, and STAY PUT. No bounce! I love these sunglasses for running and even everyday wear.

$25, https://www.playgoodr.com/


7. RunGum

Back to unique nutrition. Run gum is different. I almost didn’t try it because I’m not a huge “gum” person. But I’ve found that I enjoy the quick and easy pick-me-up. Run gum has 100mg of caffeine, 40mg of Taurine, and vitamins B6 and B12 in each two-pack of gum – perfect for a little boost. I just chew one at a time and feel the pick-me-up. I still prefer my coffee in the morning, but I use this in the afternoons before a late run or even just after lunch when I need a little nudge to motivate me to get back to work. It is also conveniently packaged for easy carrying during runs (perfect pocket size).

$1.89/pack, https://rungum.com

8.Third Eye Headlamp Replacement Headbands

We all have different needs in a headlamp, and there are so many out there. Whichever one is your favorite, these headbands are sure to jazz it up. Or if you’re like me and have a hand-me-down headlamp from your dad who lost the headband, these make a great replacement! They are affordable, stylish, and functional. Plus, having a few extra headbands is surprisingly nice especially in the fall and winter when the sun sleeps in – I can just throw one in the wash and put another one on!

$12.00, http://www.thirdeyeheadlamps.com/shop/

There you have it! Some of my personal favorites – some of which have truly changed my running experience. The right gear can help you reach and exceed your running goals – what are some of your favorites?

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