Abbie Solberg: Pushing Her Limits To Help Cure MS

While she has been fairly silent on the LLE team page, juggling the mom life and working , she has found the time to train to run 180 miles from Steamboat Springs to Denver. Not one to shout about her upcoming week long endeavor Abbie will cover 180 miles over some of the toughest terrain in the US. Not one to brag – she’d rather ask you to donate to the cause that is her reason to run. Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease affecting the nervous system. A disease where no two people have the same symptoms. The big problem – there is no cure. This is one of the many reasons Abbie runs.

So you still may ask what is she really doing and why is she doing it?

Abbie is Running 180 Miles for Multiple Sclerosis with MS Run the US, an organization devoted to raising funds and awareness for those living with this disease. Abbie had pledged to raise $10,000+ for MS and to run over a marathon a day as she completes a segment of the 4 month 17 person journey of crossing the nation for finding a cure.

Abbie had a good friend diagnosed with MS a few years ago, even then she didn’t really know much about the disease. Last year she started following one of the relay runners running from Vernal, CO to Steamboat, CO on social media. While meeting that same runner for coffee in Steamboat she had the opportunity to meet the next relay runners parents one whom lives with MS. Abbie soon began to follow the journey of each relay runner as they made their way across the U.S. and the awareness that it brought to the cause. After the relay ended Abbie found herself talking with the relay founder about how and if she could tackle the weighty goals of both raising funds and running a segment of the relay. Though Abbie wanted to help give those with MS a bigger voice. It wasn’t too long after her conversation with the relay that the coaches of LLE received a call, Abbie wanted to be ready for her segment. Running from Steamboat Springs to Denver in 7 days was a big goal! Abbie was nervous her segment, as it winds through the Colorado Rockies and up and over not one but two epic mountain passes. Abbie YOU GOT THIS!

So come Monday Abbie will stand on that start line in steamboat springs and begin her 180-mile journey toward Denver! If you can’t make it – consider donating here:

If you are in the Denver area on May 28th from 9-12 and would like to join Abbie in her final miles please contact for more details, or would like to send her words of encouragement along the way email them to Coach Kaitlyn!

And for more information on the relay please go to as well as to make a contribution to Abbies page find the relay runner page and click on her “bobble head”

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