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Client Experience

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Kate Laing

I began working with Lifelong Endurance in 2017. I had been training myself feeling like I was putting in the work but instead I was gaining time and getting injured. After my first few months working with Lifelong Endurance I began to see great improvements. I was running less but my times were getting faster. I was doing this thing called speedwork (never did it on my own) and runners focused strength. All of my workouts had a purpose and it paid off. That first year I PRedin everything from the 5k to a 70.3 Ironman (By a whopping 58 min!). Trusting their process I have since PRed again in 2018, qualifying for Boston for the first time and completing a full Ironman – all while remaining injury free. They not only have great coaches and a great program but also a great community. I have gotten to go to run meet ups, help volunteer with them, and ultimately find great friend in the process. I am forever thankful for stumbling into Andrew at a Trader Joe’s and learning about this amazing group. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for years to come. I cannot recommend them enough.

Kate LaingDenver, CO
Lindsey Warhurst

Lifelong Endurance was everything for me when it came to crossing the finish line for the 2019 Dirty30! I was lucky enough to be apart of the DirtPack (Lifelong Endurance’s Dirty30 training program) and it was such an amazing experience. 1 . I don’t believe I would have had the the race I did without the training Lifelong Endurance provided to the DirtPack. 2. I got to meet amazing people along the way as well. Before the DirtPack I also was able to have a one-on-one coach for my first trail marathon as well, all around group training or individual training from Lifelong Endurance is well worth it and are amazing individuals to work with!

Lindsey WarhurstDenver, CO
David Zwarycz

Andrew and LE really present a customized approach and meet their clients where they are at. I just started running 2 years ago and have worked with Andrew for a year. I’ve never considered myself an athlete and he’s really helped me change that mentality. In that year I dropped 45 mins off my marathon PR and 19 off of my half. His workouts have really pushed me physically and mentally he’s helped me progress faster than I would have ever on my own.

David ZwaryczChicago, IL
Kevin Goldberg

I can’t recommend Lifelong enough. I’ve worked with them for over a year now and in that time I’ve gone from fresh off hip surgeries and not running at all to finishing a 200 mile endurance run (with multiple ultra finishes along the way). The entire team at Lifelong is passionate, professional and insanely qualified to help guide you from where you are to where you want to be. However lofty the goal, you’ll be given smart and realistic advice on how best to achieve it.

Kevin GoldbergBroomfield, CO
John Leniz

My first marathon I hit the wall pretty hard, 3:44. My second, I didn’t bonk but wasn’t fast either, 4:00. A couple of months after my second marathon I started training with Andrew. At first we talked every week then we paired it down to every other week. My goal was a PR and to qualify for Boston. With Andrew’s training plan and knowledge I really noticed everything begin to change. I had a lot of self doubt. He coached me through all of it. We put a plan together for race weekend and I followed it precisely to a 28 min PR, 3:16 and BQ. It’s a lot of hard work but it’s all worth it. I can’t recommend Lifelong Endurance enough.

John LenizReno, NV
Michelle Hiland
I would recommend my coach because he takes the time to get to know you as a person and as an athlete. This allows for open and vulnerable communication which is key to success. Meaning I felt comfortable talking to my coach so that if something felt off, too tired or sick, he could adjust my training. I honestly was a little skeptical about getting a coach because I figured I knew enough to coach myself but after working with a coach I have found the real value is having someone who believes in you and supports that belief with evidence from all the training and work you put in together. Yes having a plan delivered to me and not having to think about my own training was nice but the accountably and motivation are what set me for success both physically and mentally which is big because once you are in good shape physically, the hardest part of any race is your mental game.
Michelle HilandBozeman, MT
Kelly O’Toole

A humongous thank you to Lexi Miller, for pacing me during the race and for being a phenomenal running coach and fantastic friend. I cannot recommend her training services enough. Seriously, if you’re in the Denver area, check it out. She’s off to big things.

Kelly O’TooleDenver, CO
Kyle Diveley

Impromptu half-marathon PR, and got it by over 19 minutes! I also felt like I had a lot more left in the tank than last time. Lexi Miller has been incredibly helpful in just the 2-ish months I have been working with her! My wife, mother, and sister are all working with her for their mother’s day gifts.

Kyle DiveleyCape Giradeau, MO
Devon Cozens

On May 19, 2019 I ran my first ever marathon. A couple things: 4 months ago, I could barely run 5 miles without stopping. I’ve struggled with injuries as long as I’ve been running, and the last time I ran a half marathon in 2017, I didn’t train well beforehand and so badly hurt my knees I could barely walk after. I spent 4 straight weeks on my butt, concerned I had destroyed my knees forever. It was the first time I can ever remember not being able to move and it was TERRIFYING. I literally vowed to never run again.

If you’re wondering what it feels like to run JOYFULLY, intentionally and for life, training with Lexi Miller is for you. If you want to train smarter, are prone to injury or are burnt out or confused about why you’ve seemed to plateau, training with Lexi is for you. If you want to run HARDER, faster and stronger than you ever have, Lexi is for you. If you need an extra push to believe in yourself, want to see cute dogs holding signs with your name on it at your race or just genuinely want some extra support… you get the idea. Lexi changed what running means to me. I recommend her to all my friends! I am forever grateful!

Devon CozensDenver, CO
Morgan Anderson

I wanted to run a full marathon before I turned 30, and I freaking did. All while beating my current half marathon PR. Thank you to Lexi who trained me along the way and made me emotionally stronger, not just physically. Through mentally challenging training, sweat, and a whole lot of tears, I do not regret a thing.

Morgan AndersonDenver, CO
Carolina Mayoral

They are totally committed to their clients ! Not only the best coaches but also the best emotional support when struggling in your goals!.. is the best one on one personal training experience ever! Totally recommend them for whatever level you expect to achieve! Love them…

Carolina MayoralGolden, CO
Alvaro Cruz

I have been working with Katie Whidden for over a year now. She has done a great job structuring my training and keeping me motivated, even though I live in Guatemala! My endurance and speed have hugely increased, but most of all I have gained tremendous confidence in myself! Even though we have not met face to face, I feel like I have a good friend and a great coach!

Alvaro CruzGuatemala City, Guatemala
KC Kent

Newbie to world champ competitor, absolutely would not have happened without these guys. Experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated 

KC KentGolden, CO
Philip Taylor

I would recommend coach Nicole in a heartbeat. Her ability to work around my life was impressive. She knew when I needed an easier week, but also knew when I needed to push harder. She also drove home that point that easy runs need to be run EASY!!!

Philip Taylor
Gretchen Bird

The highlight of the season was working with my coach [Laura.] I learned a lot of new key elements. We worked on my pacing for my runs and getting more comfortable shifting gears. My coach was awesome and so supportive. Lifelong was a great coaching experience as well.

Gretchen Bird
Scott Van der Linden
Laura is awesome she is really invested in her athletes And truly wants the best for them. She’s always help make changes to my plan with my crazy work schedule. She’s very approachable and easy to talk to; always can reach her when needed, always willing to go the extra mile to make sure her athletes Have/need everything to succeed.
Scott Van der Linden
Andrea Brusuelas

Outside of being an exceptional athlete in her own right, Laura understands the delicate balance women have to strike between family, work, friends and personal goals.

Andrea BrusuelasFlower Mount, TX
Kate Laing
Kaitlyn has been there when I need her. From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows she knows my goals and helps me get there.
Kate Laing
Chance Potter

Kaitlyn has been a great supporter and motivator! She has been helping me stay injury free and for a guy that never ran until he was in his 40’s, this is a challenge in itself! Before joining LifeLong Endurance and hiring Kaitlyn as my coach, my self training had plateaued and I was no longer seeing any improvements. Kaitlyn helped me break through this barrier and within a month, I was able to run my first sub two hour half marathon! I couldn’t be happier with my progress!

Chance PotterDenver, Co