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Zach Profile 1We’re very excited to announce the addition of Zach Baker to the staff here at Lifelong Endurance. The team is continuing to grow here in Colorado as well as maintain roots in Michigan. There is a little backstory to this Michigan connection.

A little back story..

For those that aren’t familiar with our past, Katie and Andrew had roots in the athletic community of Kalamazoo and in 2013 moved to Colorado to pursue the next adventure. Upon forming the business Jon’s expertise in human nutrition and Ultra Running rounded out a very dynamic team. Jon is also a Michigan native with ties to the Ann Arbor area. The addition of Zach to our team is a big step in the right direction and will allow our team of athletes to grow even larger in Michigan.

Zach Baker

For those of you in the mitten, you’ll instantly recognize Zach as one of the Many smiling faces bright and early on Saturday mornings at any KAR (Kalamazoo Area Runners) group runs. He’s a veteran volunteer running coach and is the man behind all the routes, maps, and coaching plans for the Beyond Marathon and Half Marathon Programs. It goes without saying that Zach has experience and knows how to help you meet your goals. Zach is responsible for making plans for first time runners, advanced runners, and recently began creating plans for the sub-elite field that has been growing in SW Lower Michigan.

Zach’s accomplishments aren’t only on paper, he’s an accomplished athlete as well. He has 5 sub 3:00 Marathon finishes, a low 17:00 5K, his lineage stretches back to High School track days as an 800m runner, oh and how could we forget… 3 finishes at Boston. Zach is well rounded and is also a darn funny guy!


After a competitive high school career on the track and trails, Zach became an occasional jogger in college, watching his 5K times slip through his 20’s.  His wife decided to train for a 10K, which he regarded as “crazy.”  However, not to be outdone, he bumped his miles and began a journey back toward being a competitor.  Before long, he’d been roped into training for a marathon and became a Boston qualifier in his debut at the 2009 Chicago Marathon.

Since that time, Zach has become a fixture on the local race scene as well as a respected member of his running community, maintaining and developing training plans used by hundreds of participants in community training programs.  He’s a student of the sport who is constantly gathering new information on the science of running, keeping abreast of the latest research and training theories while balancing them with the tried-and-true.


Outside of the running world, Zach has a career in the medical device industry, as well as a growing family.  He’s addicted to weather blogs (meteorology is another hobby) and delicious food.

Follow Coach Baker on Twitter: @Treadmore

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