Running Coach

Veteran Volunteer Marathon Coach

Lifelong Competitive Runner
(from 800M to Marathon)

3 time Boston Marathon Finisher

5 Sub 3:00 Marathon Finishes


After a competitive high school career on the track and trails, Zach became an occasional jogger in college, watching his 5K times slip through his 20’s. His wife decided to train for a 10K, which he regarded as “crazy.” However, not to be outdone, he bumped his miles and began a journey back toward being a competitor. Before long, he’d been roped into training for a marathon and became a Boston qualifier in his debut at the 2009 Chicago Marathon.  

Since that time, Zach has become a fixture on the local race scene as well as a respected member of his running community, maintaining and developing training plans used by hundreds of participants in community training programs. He’s a student of the sport who is constantly gathering new information on the science of running, keeping abreast of the latest research and training theories while balancing them with the tried-and-true.

Outside of the running world, Zach has a career in the medical device industry, as well as a growing family. He’s addicted to weather blogs (meteorology is another hobby) and delicious food.

Coaching Mentality:

Coach Baker is a big believer in “smarter, not harder” and favors simple, effective training approaches. He enjoys optimizing programs for maximum results using well-understood training principals, taking advantage of the most up-to-date theories for their application. He also understands the obstacles that career and family commitments can present and enjoys working with athletes at all levels to structure workouts that can be completed by athletes who live “real lives.”


5K – 17:17
Half Marathon – 1:20
Marathon – 2:52
5 Over All Wins