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1:1 Coaching for Dirty 30

Personalized Coaching with Lifelong Endurance

Looking to take the frustration out of your training this year? Lifelong Endurance is offering 1:1 coaching priced exclusively for Dirty 30 athletes. You will be working with local Denver Coaches – Coach Kaitlyn, Coach Robbie, and Coach Andrew who together bring passion, science, and experience in the work they do with athletes. As part of your customized plan you will get regular direct communication with your coach, membership into the Dirty 30 Dirt Pack group ($165 value), and your plan delivered in TrainingPeaks. Scroll down to meet your coaches and get to know more about what Lifelong Endurance brings to the Dirty 30 Trail Run.

Looking for accountability?

Your coach can see when you upload workouts through TrainingPeaks, keeping you accountable to a plan and mission.  The Dirty Thirty Dirt Pack has a total of 24 runs from March through May meaning you get 24 chances to connect with your coach in session. Don’t forget about regular phone calls and check-ins. Our coaches will help you explore what you’re capable of – helping you achieve your best!

  • $125/ month
  • 12 week training plan designed specifically for the Dirty 30
  • A plan designed to match your speed and pace
  • Build fitness and guide you to your best races
  • Avoid common overuse injuries by staying on track with your coach

A sense of community

The Lifelong Endurance team of athletes is over 100 athletes strong worldwide. The Dirty 30 Dirt Pack is a growing group of athletes in Colorado’s Front Range who get together to run, congregate, and push each other to their best. Through Wednesday morning group runs or Saturday long runs – you can stay accountable and have a good time doing it! Membership into the Dirty 30 Dirt Pack is included with your coaching so that you get every opportunity to succeed.

Our Promise to You
– We will provide a plan unique to you and your goals
– We will take time to understand who you are outside of running
– We will create a plan that builds you into a more capable athlete
– We will listen to you, your needs, and your goals

Help us grow – #buildsomething | #d30dirtpack | #lifelongendurance

We believe that every run, every gym session, and every snapshot therein builds our community and our accountability. If you’re on social media help us continue our mission of #buildsomething and help us do just that – build an amazing group of like minded people who are all about achieve their best. The #lifelongendurance team is the driving force behind the athletes and keeps the #d30dirtpack moving forward! If you’re on social media tag us @lifelongendurance and use the #buildsomething, #d30dirtpack, and #lifelongendurance hashtags to share the love!

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Dirty 30 Trail Run


Lifelong Endurance is offering a special pricing option for the Dirty 30 making it even more accessible for athletes to get amazing customer service, customized plan to your zones, and most importantly a training schedule that fits your schedule.

3 Months of 1:1 Coaching – $375

Who are the coaches?

Kaitlyn Morgan

2nd Place Age Group at Silver Rush 50

Kaitlyn Morgan is an ultra runner and coach for Lifelong Endurance. Kaitlyn has been a professional coach with the Lifelong Endurance Team for 2 years and possess certifications from the Lydiard Foundation as well as from USA Track and Field. In 2017 she personally tackled the Leadville 100 course, finishing 6th Overall Female. In 2018 She coached 4 athletes to a 100% finish rate at the Leadville 100, a race that had a 52% finish rate. She has tackled tough courses around the US from the TNF 50 in California, Speedgoat 50K in Utah, and a little race we know as the Dirty 30!

Coaching Focus:

Kaitlyn is a passionate coach who enjoys coaching From 5K to 100 Miles and beyond. Kaitlyn has helped athletes knock down multiple PR’s many in a single season. She brings her empathy and experience into her coaching. So whether you’re starting from scratch, coming back form an injury, or looking to take your running further – Kaitlyn is the coach for you!

Coaching Mentality:

Quality over quantity. Running should be all about bettering the runner you want to be and working to make yourself stronger. Kaitlyn is in the business of creating mentally strong, fit and confident runners!  She wants you to succeed, PR and challenge yourself to new distances.

LT 100 Finishers

Celebrations at the LT 100 Finishline

Robbie Balenger

Robbie is an ultra runner and coach for Lifelong Endurance. Robbie came to Colorado via Texas where he picked up the sport of Ultra Running. He brings an upbeat, encouraging attitude to his work with athletes. Robbie likes to dig a little deeper with his athletes to better understand their true motivations so he can coach from the core. Robbie brings in a combination of physiology and experience to the table for his athlete

What Robbie Coaches:

Robbie coaches from 5K to 100 Miles and beyond. Robbie focuses on trail runners looking to break down distance barriers in the sport. Robbie likes to mix in adventure with everything he does and encourages athletes to seek new challenges and put themselves in a position for success even though they may be uncomfortable with the goal they set ahead.

Coaching Mentality:

Robbie takes a holistic approach to his coaching and likes to coach the mind, body, and spirit of the athlete. He knows that when everything is in sync you can run your best. Robbie works with athletes to help them see the bigger picture of what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. He believes in coaching to time on feet and setting weekly training goals to help athletes break the goal down into smaller digestible pieces.

Robbie in his element

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