Dirty 30 Training Plans

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We’ve got just what you’re looking for! To help the Dirty 30 reach it’s goal of a 100% finish rate for 2018 we’re offering a beginner and intermediate plan at no cost. These plans provide a general guideline for training. If you’re looking for plans with more specific descriptions for workouts, or want a more catered option specifically for you we highly recommend you check out the Dirty 30 Dirt Pack or our 1:1 Coaching.

Beginner 50K Plan

This plan is perfect for athletes who are venture in their first ultra marathon and have very little experience with trails or have little to no experience with long distance running. With 7,000 ft. of climbing this is a big undertaking – you will learn how to find your hiking pace to help conserve energy. This plan works up to 5 days of running per week.

Beginner 12 Miler Plan

This plan is ideal for athletes who are coming from 5K and 10K running and venturing towards longer distance trail running. The Dirty 30 is a big jump! the 12 miler has 4,000ft of climb. Prepare to go up! This plan works from 3 days to 4 days of running per week.

Intermediate 50K Plan

The Intermediate 50K Plan works from 5 to 6 days of running per week and brings the potential mileage considerably higher. Workouts are longer and this plan has a much bigger focus on long run density and duration.

Intermediate 12 Miler Plan

The Intermediate 12 Miler Plan takes an increased focus on climbing and adds one more day of training to the weekly structure. This second day is used as a second workout later in the plan to help you get more opportunities to increase fitness over the plans duration.

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