A Road, Ultra, and Trail Training Group

Who We Are:

The Golden R.U.T Runners is a run training group based in and around Golden, CO. Designed to help athletes achieve their Road, Ultra, and Trail Running goals. The team behind the Golden R.U.T Runners is the coaching staff of Lifelong Endurance. The coaching staff at Lifelong Endurance have a history of creating diverse athletes who are just as adept at racing on the road as they are on trail; frequently topping the podium weekend after weekend. We wanted to take the coaching success we see 1:1 and create a local community of athletes. We believe that athletes perform best in community and rise to the occasion in a training environment with others. If you’re looking to add structure and accountability to your training but don’t want the cost of 1:1 coaching – this group is the best of both worlds.

What We’re About:

The Golden R.U.T Runners is more than just a workout group, it’s a family, a community of athletes working together towards common goals. R.U.T surrounds the core of what we focus on as a group – training for Road, Ultra, and Trail races. Meeting on the track in the early morning, connecting as community for a run a week to stay accountable and check-in. This group is designed to pioneer an idea of ‘Individual-Group’ Training where athletes come together to train as a group in community while completing different workouts in sub-groups/ pace groups. This allows athletes the fellowship of a team with the individuality you get with a coach. Furthermore, this model allows athletes to push themselves and be challenged by others in an environment that encourages them to succeed

Mission +Vision:

The Mission of Golden R.U.T Runners is focused on helping athletes become the best version of themselves through sport. Accomplishing this through community training opportunities and building a platform for athletes to come together and training. Our vision is to create a diverse training group accepting everyone from the 6 hour marathoner to the 6:00 minute miler and beyond.

Who should join the R.U.T?

People who are looking for more than a social group to train with. We believe that in creating a group with a supportive coaching staff, we can deliver more than just good vibes. We believe that we can dig into your training, offer feedback, provide accountability, and give you the push you need to succeed. We accept everyone whether you’re a first time runner, veteran trail runner, 6 hr marathoner, or former collegiate trying to stay speedy. Whether you work, live, or just like to play in Golden, this group is open to you!

Where you can find us: 

Colorado offers us amazing beauty and unmatched trails access with 8+ public trail heads with in 15 minutes of downtown Golden. If poor weather pushes us off the trails, we can be found on the paths, roads, and parks. Our speed work is completed on the track at Bell Middle School. These training grounds us a diverse training ground that allows us to create amazing workouts in beautiful settings.


1 Day Drop In: FREE

  • Come by and check out if the Golden R.U.T Runners is right for you

10 Practice Punch Card: $70.00

  • Choose any ten practices you would like to attend
  • One thirty-minute 1:1 meeting (either in person or by phone) with a coach
  • Access to local discounts and deals
  • Workout analysis for all speed work days

3 Months Unlimited: $165.00

  • Attend any/ all practices over the training cycle
  • Three thirty-minute 1:1 meetings (either in person or by phone) with a coach
  • Custom Training Plan created on Training Peaks for your upcoming event
  • Access to local discounts and deals
  • Workout analysis for all speed work days

Fall Races

The Golden R.U.T Runners will be training for these specific races

Denver Hot Chocolate 15k, October 6th

Road Race

Denver Rock and Roll Half Marathon, October 20th

Road Race

The Sage Burner 28k and 50k, October 26th

Trail Race/ Ultra

Moab Marathon, November 2nd

Trail Race

Rim Rock Marathon, November 2nd

Trail Race

New York City Marathon, November 3rd

Road Race

Dead Horse Ultra 30k, 50k, and 50 mile, November 16th

Trail Race/ Ultra

Monthly Schedule:


Weekday Runs: 6:15-7:15 AM

Weekend Runs: 7:00 AM

Run Locations

Speed work at  Bell Track


Even Days of the Month: South Table Mountain

Odd Days of the Month: Green Mountain

Golden R.U.T Runners - Blake, Andrew, Eric

Free Social Runs and Events


Social Weekend Long Run

Saturday, August 10th at White Ranch, 7 AM


Social Weekend Long Run

Saturday, September 7th at  Centennial Cone, 7 AM


Social Weekend Long Run

Saturday, October 12th at Flat Iron Vista, 7AM