The Golden R.U.T Runners’ Origin Story

At Lifelong Endurance, we wanted to build something powerful  for our running community. Something that would encourage personal and physical growth among our athletes, while allowing our coaches to provide guidance and support. Our team diligently examined the gaps in support that exist, not only in our local area, but among the sport of running as a whole. Due to our love of community and teamwork, we knew we wanted to create a training group that would guide athletes through their training cycle-but that alone was not enough. We focused ourselves to ask, and eventually answer the question of, “what do athletes need, what is missing?”

What we found was that not every runner felt comfortable attending training groups. Some found that the focus was too narrow (purely road or trail) or they were intimidated by the performance level of the group; fearing they would be left behind. It became our main goal to create a running group that was open and accessible to any and all athletes, which we did in the following ways:

  • Focusing on roads, marathons, and trails (R.U.T) and encouraging runners to branch out from what they already know
  • Scheduling our weekday workouts for 5:45-6:45 AM to accommodate those who need to be at work a little earlier
  • Hand selecting a variety of fall races in order to encourage diversity
  • Scheduling 1 free social run a month to create a greater sense of community
  • encouraging pace groups at our practices so all athletes can feel supported
  • Creating a Training Peaks training plan for YOUR upcoming event
Lexi Miller

Lexi Miller

Running Coach/ Community Manager

The Golden R.U.T Runners was formed with the values of inclusion and equality in mind. We wanted to create a place where all athletes feel respected, encouraged and welcome, no matter their goals, past accomplishments, or experience. Whether someone is working to finish a road marathon in under six hours, or if they are looking to podium at their next trail race;  if they are looking to finish their first ultra, or are seeking a new PR- we want to be a part of the journey. We want all athletes to know that their goals are worthy of time and attention from coaches, even if they do not consider themselves to be “serious athletes.”

A running club can be more than a reason to workout two days a week. It  can be a community of support, a place of accountability and growth, a place to work as a team towards your goals. We want you to succeed, and we want to give you every tool we can to help you get there. Our Tuesday practices will focus on speed and form, while our Thursday group will center around strength on the trail. For anyone living in the western Denver/Metro area, this group is open easily accessible.

Join us at White Ranch Open Space on Saturday, August 10th at 7AM for a FREE social long run.

For further questions, contact or check out our web page