From Half Marathons to Triathlons, and Ultras- Lifelong Endurance Athletes Stand Out

While the summer season is coming to a close, Lifelong Endurance athletes are going stronger than ever. Over the weekend, athletes dominated in a variety of different events; placing in age groups, hitting personal bests, and accomplishing seemingly insane goals.

Athlete: Jeannene Gonzales

Coach: Andrew Simmons

Event: Georgetown to Idaho Spring Half

Why Jeannene rocks: Jeannene went into the race with the goals of running a faster time than she did at the Colfax Half Marathon and the Platte River Half Marathon-which she did. She has been working with her coach to incorporate more speed into her training plan. As Jeannene puts it, ” I enjoyed nailing some of the speed workouts.  I actually dreaded Tuesday’s and almost always felt nervous about the workout, [but] it’s all in my head and I break up the workout in threes to make it seem easier.  The games the mind plays.”

Coach Andrew backs her hard work, stating, “Jeannene has been extremely diligent in her training and rarely misses a workout.”

Her hard work and dedication is obvious in her continued improvement and incredibly consistent splits throughout the race.

Athlete: Scott Van der Linden

Coach: Laura Bruck

Event: Steamboat Triathlon

Why Scott rocks: Scott placed third in his age group, and sixth overall at the Steamboat Triathlon. According to his coach, Laura, “Scott’s raced really strong at the Steamboat Tri, jotting his paces and power for the swim and bike. However, I’m most proud of the tenacity he showed on the run. He started getting some cramps on the run but he was able to stay strong mentally and by the second half of the run he felt better and brought it home finishing 3rd in his age group.”

Scott further explains that he has been working with Laura to know when to push and when to take it easy in training so as to avoid being “over-cooked.” It looks as though the hard work has paid off, as he has been racing triathlons for less than a year and is already finding himself on the podium.

Athlete: Kevin Goldberg

Coach: Andrew Simmons

Event: Bigfoot 200 Endurance Run

Why Kevin rocks: Kevin recently finished the Bigfoot 200 Endurance Run, which climbs over 41,000 feet over 206 miles in the Cascadia Wilderness. During the race, Kevin ran through cold, dark, down-pouring nights; climbed over fallen trees, and pushed himself to the limits of human ability. According to Coach Andrew, “Kevin is just one of the most mentally capable and mentally tough people I know. I can think of a handful of people I’ve ever met who I think could accomplish what he did over [those races]-especially in those conditions.”

While the Bigfoot 200 is an amazing accomplishment, Kevin is not done, as he is moving forward to complete the Triple Crown of 200s.