Lifelong Endurance Athlete Finishes USA Triathlon National Championships, Prepares for Worlds

The past weekend was absolutely packed with Lifelong Endurance Athletes dominating the field in a variety of events. Each athlete has overcome impressive obstacles and worked tirelessly to achieve their goals. One such athlete, Lori Dandley, has been working tirelessly towards her goals for quite some time.

Lori is the definition of a modest, yet high achieving, athlete. This past weekend, she placed 4th at the USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships. Lori has been with Lifelong Endurance for one and a half years, working with Coach Katie Whidden, during which time Lori has stayed diligent and consistent with her workouts. Lori explains that the biggest focus in her training leading up to the event was getting nutrition dialed in, all while building endurance in each discipline.

Despite her impressive showing this past weekend, Lori’s main event of the year will be the Triathlon Worlds (Olympic distance) on September 1st.  According to Coach Katie, ” This was a strong race result for Lori.  I am extremely excited to see what kind of race she is able to put together in Lausanne.  She is very fit right now but these next few weeks will be important for us to properly maintain this high level of fitness and motivation.”

Good luck, Lori!