Lifelong Endurance Triathletes Ride the Heat Wave Through the Boulder 70.3

The Boulder Half Ironman is a challenging race when run in perfect conditions. However, this year, racers had an additional challenge of racing with unusually hot and sunny conditions. The high of the day reached 95 degrees Fahrenheit with almost no cloud cover. Dehydration and hyponutriamia were serious risks during the race, but that did not stop some of the most amazing Lifelong Endurance athletes from giving it their all.

Athlete: Katie Laing

Coach: Kaitlyn Morgan

Race Highlight: Regardless of the obstacles that the heat presented, Kate was able to practice the nutrition plan that she worked on with her coach. Due to her diligent training and excellent fueling, she walked away with a podium finish!

Training Success: Finding the right doctor to help recover from an injury in time to run Boston, which was just a training race for the full Boulder Ironman.

Athlete: Gretchen Bird

Coach: Laura Bruck

Race Highlight: Giving it her all, despite a challenging race.

Biggest Success from the Training Cycle: Learning to “shift gears” and keep the pace consistent.

Athlete: Trent Smart

Coach: Laura Bruck

Race Highlight: Finishing the Boulder 70.3 with a smile!