Pushing Through the Pain: National Mental Health Awareness Day

You do not have to push through the pain. 

We know you are tough, we know you are strong, and it is still okay to stop and get help.

If you were to break your femur, would you run keep running? Would you hide it from everyone around you, force yourself through life, grimacing at every step? 

Does your mental health get as much consideration as your physical health?

Sometimes, it is okay to not be okay.

Unlike the broken femur, to “not be okay” can look a lot of different ways..

It can have a name, or a label, like Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, PTSD; or, it can be a feeling, like stressed, tired, angry, hurt. Sometimes the pain comes from your situation, sometimes it comes from your genetics, sometimes it seems to come from nowhere at all. Whatever you call your pain, it does not define you.

Sometimes the pain can cause missed workouts, missed meals, lost sleep, endless tears. Other times, the workouts increase, food is comfort, sleep goes on, and the tears just will not fall. Your friends may be oblivious to the pain, or everyone in your life seems to be at a loss when confronted with it. No matter how your pain shows up, it is yours to feel and express.

A nice long run is sometimes the best cure. And other times, you may need more. You may need a lot more. You may need medication, a therapist, a friend, daily meditation, a hug, and a long break from running. You do not have to “tough it out.” You are never weak in asking for help. You are never weak if you need a break. You are never weak if you show your pain and exhaustion.

It is okay to not be okay, but you do not have to “not be okay” alone. You have a team. You are more than your mile splits, more than your race time, more than an athlete on a list. You are a human being and your wellness-your whole mind and body-are the reason Lifelong Endurance exists. 

We are so glad you are here.