Running in the Kitchen: Sweet Potato Chips

I tend to eat a good amount of fruit so when the mid-afternoon snack time rolls around, I want something savory to satisfy my craving. Living in a humid climate like Hawaii, I also sweat more than I used to in Colorado so I find that my body needs more salt to balance my system. Nuts are a great snack option providing healthy fats, fiber and protein. I was interested in finding something else to mix it up as I already feel like I consume a daily amount. I’ve noticed that recipes for sweeter snacks (like bars and energy bites) are easier to find, but I wanted to be able to make my own snacks to replace the pre-packaged chips, popcorn and other products that line the grocery aisles and utilize a higher-quality carbohydrate. Baked Sweet Potato Chips have become my go-to savory snack to fuel my fun.

Chips- I love, love, love me some chips. After a long and hard workout, I’ve been known to inhale a bag more times than I’d like to admit. Thus finding a healthier alternative was high on my list. What else do I adore- sweet potatoes, especially purple Okinawan sweet potatoes that are grown here in Hawaii. I like to “eat a rainbow” and purple can be one of the harder colored food groups to find. While I was able to find them in Colorado, I encourage you to buy as local as possible. Go with the spud that works best for you!

Don’t worry if you see little droplets of white! Sweet Potatoes can produce a white sap when cut. Give them a second wash before final prep

Unless you are a professional chef with the skills and knife sharp enough to cut raw potatoes incredibly thin, you will need a mandolin slicer to make these. This is a handy kitchen tool that I use for other slicing needs. You don’t need one of the top of the line with 12 additional attachments, but I would recommend that you buy one with at least three different options or an adjustable blade to vary the thickness level. I like my chips thin and crispy, like my pizza, but you may want yours a little thicker.  The blades are incredibly sharp. Use caution and don’t try to get every last bit of the potato sliced. Trust me: I learned this the hard way and have a nice little scar on the outside of my pinky finger to show for it!

A crispy treat perfect with almond ‘cheese’ spread



2-3 sweet potatoes, washed thoroughly

1-2 Tbsp olive or baking oil of choice

4-5 total Tbsp of seasoning combo of choice: garlic, onion and/or chili powder, salt and pepper, garlic salt, nutritional yeast

Preheat oven to 400˚F or add 5 minutes to your baking time. Adjust your mandolin slicer the desired thickness. Cut each potato in half using a knife. Next, slice each half using the mandolin. In a large mixing bowl, toss slices with oil and spices until evenly coated. In a single-layer, place each slice on a cookie sheet. I’ve found that I need one cookie sheet per potato. Depending on how thin you slice will determine how many total slices you have to bake. Slices will stick together and not bake evenly if they overlap so yes, this part is time consuming but worth it. Bake for 25-35 minutes, flipping chips after 15 minutes. If you don’t eat half the batch before they cool completely, this recipe makes 4-6 servings and stores best in airtight containers after cooling.

I love these as-is. If you want to add a substance to your snack or mini-meal, enjoy with hummus, salsa, avocado, or almond “cheese” spread like I did the other day at work (pictured below/above- recipe coming soon!). These could also be a healthier base for nachos or to eat with a warm bowl of chili. Let me know what other creative ideas you come up with in the comments below or post a picture and tag @maliacrouse @lifelong_endurance #runninginthekitchen on Instagram!

Who is Running in the Kitchen?
Malia Crouse, Foodie/ Athlete/Adventurist

Malia is a Lifelong Endurance Scholarship Athlete who has a passion for cooking, baking, and making delicious and healthy treats for family and friends. Running in the Kitchen started with some encouragement from Coach Andrew and the LLE team.  I hope you enjoy the recipes I’ll share with you here and find them as beneficial in your own training and daily life as I do.  Feel free to reach out to or follow me on Instagram @maliacrouse or Twitter @maliainmotion . If you love these recipes and make on featured here use hashtags: #lifelongendurance , #runninginthekitchen

~Live Aloha, Malia

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