Run Coaching

Our run coaching in one word: results. The coaches at Lifelong Endurance are students of the sport and are always using the latest science to ensure his athletes are performing at the top of their game. We meet every month to discuss new methods, new studies, and share our knowledge as a team.

 Along with researching new methods and performance research, the whole team at Lifelong Endurance utilize Training Peaks software to monitor, track, and predict an athletes fitness. The team at Lifelong Endurances believes that open communication between athlete and coach is a must-have for success. Working with a coach at Lifelong Endurance means you have a direct line to the coach, making sure your questions are answered timely and accurately.

The run coaching team at Lifelong Endurance is a team of seasoned runners who take knowledge from their personal success, research and certifications from USATF and RRCA.

What’s Included:

FaviconHand-built training schedule
FaviconFull access to Coaches and Gait Analysis
FaviconExpert analysis of power files, heart rate files, and/or GPS training files
FaviconCommunication plan, including phone, email, text and web services like Skype
FaviconTraining Peaks Premium Account
FaviconLearn techniques and strategies for optimal performance

What kind of shape do I need to be in?

You don’t have to be a pro, or an experienced athlete. The Lifelong Endurance team doesn’t believe that coaching is about collecting trophies for the case, instead we believe in helping others grow in the sport of running. It’s all in the name, we believe that running is a lifelong pursuit and we want to help you make running something that you enjoy. We believe that everyone has the potential to be successful, and our job is putting our passion into creating the right plan for you to succeed.


We believe that every coach can offer a unique experience. Pricing takes into account a coaches background, skills, years of coaching experience, as well as services offered alongside programming. Each coaches prices will differ slightly – please don’t hesitate to ask. As a business we believe in transparency with our customers. We believe or staff coaches offering an outstanding experience for a reasonable price. If like many others, please feel free to leave us a review if you’ve enjoyed your experience with a Lifelong Endurance Coach.