Good running form is essential for runners who want to prevent injury, increase longevity and increase their economy and efficiency over any distance. We offer a thorough running form review as part of our program because we know how important it is to keeping our athletes on the roads, trails and at the front of the pack.

By utilizing the latest form analysis tools and software, we’re able to identify ways to improve your stride, lower body range of motion and upper body range of motion. As runners, we put all of our work into forward motion and the slightest tweak can make or break a PR. Even the best runners can improve from a review of their form and make beneficial changes.

What’s Included:

Initial Assessment:

Our coaches will put you through a few simple tests to identify how flexible you are and any muscle imbalances. Before you run, you will be guided through a full warm up to ensure you are ready to run and continue onto the video analysis.

Video Analysis:

The video analysis consists of 6 shots with a high-speed capture device. This allows our coaches to review your film at 240fps and look at your form frame by frame. Stills are used to point out and identify issues that may need improvement in detail in the formal write up.

Formal Write Up:

The formal write up is broken down with an initial review, frame by frame comparison photos, as well as how you can improve. The final section details specific drills, instructions and strength training to do so. The document is focused on identifying your major presenting issues, as well as potential solutions. Strength programs, additional drills and planning can best be obtained through our formal 1:1 coaching offerings.


A form analysis costs $150 and includes a formal write up and video review

  • We offer discounted pricing for 2 person sessions and also for packages
  • Form analysis can be completed worldwide, contact us for requirements

Analysis in Action