At Lifelong Endurance we offer Triathlon Coaching with no predefined limits, options, or packages. We focus on providing our athletes with the best possible coaching experience available.

Every new athlete starts with initial testing in each discipline to develop a baseline allowing us to track and monitor progress through our the season. This allows us to define any areas of weakness and develop better 1:1 coaching strategies for each athlete. Along with a traditional plan we offer our new athletes an in-depth analysis of each discipline.

What’s Included:

Initial Testing and Consultation:

Favicon1:1 meeting with coaches
FaviconStrength routine provided to athlete during 1:1 session
FaviconBaseline tests for all disciplines to determine zones and threshold levels

Ongoing Coaching:

FaviconPlans delivered through Training Peaks
FaviconUnlimited and open communication with coaches through text, e-mail and phone
FaviconRegular testing cycles to monitor progress
FaviconCustomizable plans for multiple goal races and events throughout the season


Each athlete’s needs are different. Contact us for pricing and packages.