Jenna Runs – Spring Fever Favorites

By: Jenna Kinzie

Jenna is a blogger, runner, and fitness fanatic. Jenna loves to share her daily routine on Instagram and Facebook. If you’re looking for a daily dose of motivation and inspiration look no further!

Jenna shares with us her favorite pieces of running gear that she uses to be safe, be stylish, and be seen! Don’t follow her yet? You can find her in the links below.



Jenna Runs

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  1. Ultimate Direction AMP Handheld water bottle

As the days get warmer, the need for hydration becomes (extra) important, especially living in Texas. This is my go-to handheld water bottle and in fact the only one I’ll use now. I like that it’s a soft bottle so you don’t have to really grip it – it almost just forms to your hand. It may feel odd at first, but now hard water bottles just seem so bothersome. I also love the huge pockets – you could fit gels, Chapstick, or maybe even a small phone in them!

Ultimate Direction AMP

  1. Koala Clip

Warmer days mean the less on my body, the better. A running belt can even seem bothersome. Lately I’ve been reaching for my Koala Clip. It is intended to clip onto your sports bra but you could clip it anywhere! Sometimes I clip it to the front or back of my pants or shorts. The best part is – it keeps sweat out for the hotter days and keeps the cold out for colder days (cold weather will drain a phone battery like that!)! I keep one of these on me at practically all times. They come in two sizes depending on your phone size. This would also be great for little items on race day!


  1. Feetures running socks

I’ve always been a fan of Feetures socks. Lately I love the Elite Ultra-Light running socks – super lightweight and breathable yet stay PUT. Depending on your preference, they have all different thicknesses as well as the option for wool socks. I recommend the “Elite” line vs. the “Performance” line – I can really tell a difference in quality.


  1. Goodr sunglasses

Who DOESN’T love Goodr sunglasses?! Stylish, cheap, and do the job. I love the fun colors, reflective (Polarized!) lenses, and the affordability at $25 a pop. My personal favorite colors are the “Nessy’s Midnight Orgy” (green) and “Flamingos on a Booze Cruise” (pink).


  1. Aftershokz Trekz Titanium

These are a favorite during any season but are especially great for sweaty ones. These headphones are not only the most comfortable, sounds great, and can handle a heavy sweater – but they allow you to listen to your jams and podcasts without compromising your safety on the streets. These headphones sit on the outside of your ears, allowing you to still hear ambient sounds – cars, neighbors, dogs, conversations… these are truly a gem. Again, they may seem odd at first (I thought so) but they quickly became my all-time favorite piece of running gear (yep) and are the only headphones I will ever use. They also have the new Trekz Air, which are light as air!


  1. Oiselle Mesh Cap

This ultra-lightweight cap folds up so small that you can shove it in a pocket, in your pants, wherever! Keep the sun out of your eyes but have the option to take it off if you get too hot! This is my favorite hat, hands down.


There you have it! Six Spring favorites. What are your current faves?

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