Five Clothing Favorites for Fall

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It’s that time of year when we transition from shorts and tanks to pants and sleeves! Having the right amount of clothing on can make or break a run – especially in cooler temps. Icey ears and numb fingers are a pain (literally) 

and just plain miserable. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite pieces to warm me up during cold weather runs!
To give you an idea: I am a female road runner, running anywhere from 4 to 14 miles per day – always outdoors, live in a fairly mild climate (Dallas, Texas), and have a slight obsession with trying ALL the running gear. These are items I use frequently on  cool- to cold-weather runs!

1.Saucony Bullet Tight

The material of these tights is just plain amazing. They are smooth, comfortable, move with you, yet stay put. And the best part – POCKETS. These are my all time favorites because of the pockets. I can put my obnoxiously large iPhone 6S Plus in these pockets and run without it falling out. Sometimes I just put my hands in them, because POCKETS! Really, if I could only wear one pair of leggings for the rest of my life, they’d be these.


2. Oiselle Flyout Long Sleeve

The Oiselle “Flyout” material is AMAZING. I don’t know how they do it – but this material is so soft and breathable, I could just live in it. It’s especially great for people who run hot or warm up quickly. It’s insanely breathable. This top is great for cool runs that you know you’ll warm up on. It’s thin and soft, perfect for a top layer and breathable enough to wear the entire run, yet light enough that I will easily tie it around my waist and barely notice it’s there. If you can get your hands on ANY “Flyout” styles (short sleeves and tanks are great too!), I definitely recommend it.


A perfect “mile one” long sleeve, easy to strip and tie around your waist!

3. Brooks Holiday Distance Long Sleeve Running Shirt

This is another great long sleeve. It may look like your regular ol’ cotton tee, but this material is buttery soft and a dream to run in in cool to cold temps. On a cold day, I wouldn’t even need to strip this long sleeve off mid-run it’s so breathable (I like to get it a bit baggy for air flow, so I size up). Brooks has a new “Holiday” edition every year, and considering how much I loved and wore last year’s, this long sleeve will be a yearly tradition. If holidays aren’t your thing, they do offer plain colors, too! Tip: this shirt comes free with $150 purchase during the holidays!


4.BUFF Original Multifunctional Headwear

The BUFF is a necessity in any runner’s wardrobe, any time of year. You can wear this magical tube in so many different ways, there’s almost nothing it can’t do. I usually just throw it over my head to cover my neck and mouth with it for cold runs – it’s amazing how much warmer you are when you breathe in warm air. Once I heat up, I uncover my mouth and just keep it on my neck. If I continue to warm up, I’ll transition it into a headband or wrap it around my wrist. Plus it comes in all sorts of awesome colors and patterns!


So many ways to wear a BUFF!

5. Halfworn Arm Warmers

Arm warmers are another staple in any runner’s wardrobe. They are perfect for cool weather running – they don’t heat you up too much and are easy to strip off and shove in a pocket if needed (see: #1!) I have a few different pair, but these are from a small Polish company called Halfworn, and are my current faves because of their unique patterns and colors! Their motto: “Don’t forget about style!” The material is smooth and lightweight, but give you that extra layer to keep the chill off.

Bright & colorful arm warmers!

What are some of your favorite running pieces in your wardrobe?

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